Going back to my roots.

We are so overrun with studios and photographers offering cheap sessions, all images on a disc or usb (discs are now obsolete and the usb is heading that way too) so what happens when you can no longer get at those precious family portraits you just never got round to getting printed?

The print - the finished piece, should be the end goal, not posting to Facebook or Instagram! We are now the most photographed generation ever, yet almost all of those precious images will cease to exist a few years from now. Makes you think doesn't it?

I have a large portrait of my daughter in the kitchen at home, I see it every day and I can't tell you how important this is and how it makes me feel, it really is priceless.

There have been several very insightful studies conducted on family portraits in the home and the effect it has on your children. You can read one such report HERE.

I am old school, there was no digital when I picked up my first camera so I had no choice but to learn with film and printing and I am so glad I did learn this way. I've always loved the look of film and the traditional print.

But I've been hankering after that look for quite a few years, feeling disillusioned with the whole digital scene, everyone being brain washed into the belief that they must upgrade to the latest camera with xxx million extra pixels. It's very sad really, but only a few years ago, you could use a decent film camera for many decades without even considering replacement.

During the mid 80's and early 90's I used a 20yr old Hasselblad and I regret ever selling it to go digital, but the market dictated this and felt it was the right move. It was a precision instrument which produced outstanding images, even by todays standard. Back then, the way to improve was to actually get better at taking photographs. The small improvements in film made a difference, but this was only noticeable to a select few who were striving for higher technical quality.

So I've been quietly beavering away testing and trying new lighting techniques in the hope to launch something reminicent of that classic film look.


Although for the time being I am still shooting digitally, maybe one day I'll fully move back to film again.

I'm certainly enjoying this new found (old traditional) style and it has given me a new direction and satisfaction. Lets see where this takes me.


All images taken by myself on a very ancient 8 year old Nikon D3s.

Norman Rubenis ABIPP. Copyright 2018.