NEW THIS YEAR - WHITE BOX photo sessions.

Fill in your details below for a Fun Filled WHITE BOX photo shoot with FREE desk frame worth a total of £170.

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So here’s how it works and what’s included.

  • THE BOX: It’s big enough to fit the whole family in (4ft x 4ft). Both box and camera position are fixed so we are free to create as many different combinations as we can think of.

  • WHAT TO WEAR? Be as bold as you like, plain bright colours look amazing.

  • HOW LONG WILL IT LAST? Allow around 90 minutes in total, (photo session and viewing/ordering straight afterwards) so there’s plenty of time to select your favourite images.

  • AFTER YOUR SESSION: Images will be ready to view straight away. Take a seat and we’ll project them onto a large screen - cinema style. We have some clever software to help you visualise the finished artwork, we can drag and drop images into a pre prepared template right there in front of you. There’s a FREE framed desk photo included, you can order more, however, there is no obligation or pressure. I’m confident you’ll absolutely love them. That 9 up layout above is by far the most popular, this can be ordered in a range of sizes to suit your space and budget.